Credit/Debt Management Training Calendar 2021

Kenya School of Credit Management Open credit management programs 2021  Our vision To become a center of excellence in education, training and research in credit management globally Our mission       We are committed to promoting professionalism in credit management through education, training, research, development and consultancy to all aspiring credit professionals in Kenya and globally

In-House Seminar Package 2021 (Financial Sector)

IN-HOUSE CREDIT/DEBT MANAGEMENT TRAINING (FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS) INTRODUCTION Kenya School of Credit Management is an Institution of its own kind in Kenya.  We train people in the latest tools to manage CREDIT AND CONVERSION OF THE SAME into MONEY. We are registered with the Ministry of Education and National Industrial Training Authority. Our Career Development Program

In-House Seminar Package 2021 (Non Financial Sector)

COURSE OUTLINE The current challenges in the credit environment. Understanding today’s customer in the business of credit. Use of credit as a marketing tool. The pillars of credit and how to use them to improve your cash flow. Parameters to facilitate quality assessment. Qualities of collection staff. Credit appraisals/scoring/limits (case studies) The six cardinal laws