Credit Management Seminars

We conduct seminars and workshops both in-house and open ones specifically in CREDIT MANAGEMENT which are geared towards improving collection of revenue & cash-flow.

Target Groups:

  • Credit Control Staff
  • Sales & Marketing Staff
  • Debt Collection staff
  • Accounts & Finance Staff
  • Credit & Risk Analysts
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Senior Management

Credit Consultancy

  • Are you intending to take a loan and you are worried that you will not be able to pay up to the end?
  • You are not sure the amount of loan you can be able to bite at once?
  • You are not sure where to borrow and why?
  • Please talk to us and we shall help you


Estate Management

  • Are you a landlord or a landlady?
  • Do you have head aches in dealing with your tenants?
  • Does your tenant pay rent in time?
  • Do you incur extra costs chasing your tenants?
  • I am sure these are some things that can ring a bell in your mind as a landlord/lady
  • In response to the market demands the Kenya School of Credit Management has extended its services to include estate management.
  • Please talk to us and we shall off load you the burden of rent collection at a very reasonable fee
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